The Easier Way To Go Rafting With Kids

Rafting is a great activity with kids because many of the logistics that make outdoor trips challenging (like specialized gear, shuttles, and entertainment) are already taken care of. Plus, you’ll have a fully-immersive experience outdoors with a unique on-the-river perspective. If you’re looking for summer vacation activities to do with your family that are easy to plan, book, and enjoy, here are 3 tips to help you go rafting with kids.

Have Kids Help Make Decisions

Inviting your kids to help decide parts of the experience can be a good way to gain their interest and enthusiasm. Even if it’s just deciding between a ham and PB&J sandwich, having some sense of control over the day can help kids overcome anxiety about a new experience. If they love the water and are already enthusiastic, they’ll enjoy having a bigger role in choosing the trip type. 

Tip: Try and make safety lessons more fun by  making a game out of important actions, like keeping a lifejacket (PFD) buckled and staying in the boat.

Go With A Group

Inviting other families not only makes the experience more familiar for your kids, but it also creates shared memories outside of your immediate family. If you have a circle of friends that also enjoy the outdoors, you can book private rafts. Some companies even offer kids-group specific trips, like the Pirate Float Party offered by Wild Blue Yonder which are great for birthday parties and summer camps. 

reo Glamping Tent Rose Garden
REO Rafting Resort offers glamping tents, as well as guided hikes and activities, to keep families of all ages entertained.

Find Kid-Friendly Companies

Kids have specific needs, from shorter trips to plenty of snacks. Luckily most companies have kid-friendly options. Float trips take place on moving water, but are mellow enough that some can accommodate kids as young as 3. Use our interactive map to find float and easier whitewater trips (look for rapids designated as “Class I to Class II”) then check with the company for the age, size, and weight policies. If your family has infants, look for a company that offers overnight accommodations like camping or complementary activities that will keep active older kids entertained while still offering a relaxing change of pace for parents. 

Kid-Friendly Rafting in BC:

Fueled by nature and an incredible destination for world-class Squamish rafting trips with Canadian Outback Rafting.
Challenge the Revelstoke rapids or gently float the Columbia River.
This whitewater adventure offers thrills and excitement throughout the twists and turns of the Class I – III rapids of the beautiful Toby Creek. It is great for the first time rafter or the seasoned professional. A must do for all outdoor adventure families.
Our most exciting whitewater rafting experiences include the Nahatlatch (our premier and most popular river), Nahatlatch Canyon, Thompson and Stein.

The truth is, most of the rafting companies in British Columbia have options for kids. Use our interactive map (with filters!) to explore more easy to intermediate trips that work for families and groups of kids. 


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