Who We Are​

The British Columbia River Outfitters Association (BCROA) is here to help you find the best information on river rafting and connect you with trained and skilled river guides in British Columbia.

It’s important to us that you have the best rafting experience possible and that’s why BCROA companies make sure their guides  are trained and certified to BCROA standards.

Whether you’re interested in half-day or multi-day trips, from casual to extreme white water, choosing a company through BCROA ensures your trip is a memorable one.

Mandates & Ideals​

At BCROA, we are dedicated to:

Where to go rafting

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Our History

The BC River Outfitters Association became a non profit society in 1999 to focus on commercial river rafting safety, guide certification and advocate for the river guiding industry.  Prior to this ,the industry worked side by side with the Province of British Columbia  in providing guide certification through provincial legislation.

In 2003, the federal government planned to introduce  a national program replacing the provincial legislation. An interim guide certification program was provided while guides waited for the federal government to complete the program development. In the end, the federal  government did not deliver the proposed licensing program leaving the province without a guiding framework.

This is where the BCROA stepped in. The BCROA companies approved a new guide licensing program that exceeded the provincial and federal government requirements. This means that BCROA members follow an established training framework  t that focuses on guide and guest safety.

The new program was implemented in 2007 and we have been using this certification program since.   BCROA trained guides are issued a recognized provincial level certificate.