River Travel Safety and Risk Awareness

Safety first​

Guest and Staff safety is the the  top priority of BCROA members. We recognize that some river journeys can take place in extreme conditions which is why  our members ensure their staff are properly trained and certified, the rivers they operate on are evaluated and rated and BCROA member guests ae provided with an orientation on the risks involved in river rafting and related travel, what equipment is required and what to do when things don’t  go as planned.

As with most adventure travel activities there are risks associated with river travel and rafting.  BCROA members want you to be aware of these risks and will ask you to read, understand and acknowledge those risks by signing a liability waiver at the time of registering for the excursion you are booking.

In order to help you be aware of the level of risk associated with the activity you are participating in, we encourage you to review the “Assumption or Risks” portion on the BCROA Waiver. This will allow you to be prepared, have peace of mind and make your trip as memorable as possible.



How do we keep rafting safe?​

Here are some things we do to make sure every rafting adventure you choose is a safe one:

These precautions ensure that there is more room for fun and comfort when exploring the rivers of BC.

Where to go rafting

Are you looking to find a rafting company in your area? Find and discover all you need to know about our members.

Rafting Misconceptions​

River travel in BC is often thought of as a high-risk activity. BCROA makes sure that all the skilled and experienced guides operate at a level equal to or higher than the accepted industry standards.

Most outdoor adventure activities have some level of risk associated when participating in them. BCROA members will ensure you are made aware of these prior to your departure and provide basic orientation and training to make your rafting experience safe and  enjoyable.

This way your experience is memorable and you’ll have peace of mind while out on the water. However, we understand that there are a few misconceptions about the activity.

We’re here to ease your mind on a few of them:

Leave this one up to the guides. They know what to expect each time they embark on a river trip which means that you don’t have to. Before the trip, your guide will also give you a safety briefing on what to expect on the river – and what is expected of you.

The wide range of river trips guarantees that there’s something for anyone. From easy scenic floats to exciting whitewater, there are trips for all abilities. The most important thing is to check in with yourself and know your abilities so you don’t jeopardize anyone else’s safety. We encourage you to talk to your guide if you have any physical or mental concerns regarding the trip you have chosen.

River outfitters’ livelihood depends on doing their job well – and that means doing it as safely as possible. They’ll prepare you for what lies ahead, but it’s important to remember that your personal safety is in your own hands. If you listen to your guide and respect their knowledge, you will have all the tools for a safe trip.

Rafts have a virtually unlimited capacity which means almost all the comforts of home (yes, including the kitchen sink) come along on multi-day trips. There are chairs to sit on, stoves to cook on, roomy tents, and tons of fresh food. And don’t be surprised to see a few bottles of wine perfectly paired to the meal at dinner.

COVID-19 Protocols

Read how the BCROA is doing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to ensure all staff and clients remain safe during this time.

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