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British Columbia is home to hundreds of rivers and rafting is one of many ways to explore the wild beauty this province has to offer. This outdoor experience gives you the opportunity to paddle through glacier-fed waters, connect with nature, and build lasting memories.

Rafting trips, whether 1/2 day, full day or multi-day, are designed to be relaxing and exciting. However, choosing the right company to go with can be stressful. Our interactive map offers you an opportunity to search for rafting companies with trained and experienced guides.

BCROA member companies have high standards for safety and training and they ensure that their staff operate under these guidelines. No matter where your trip is located, when you choose to raft with one of our members you’re assured BCROA company guides are well trained  providing you with a memorable and and exciting trip.

It is important to note that most outdoor adventure activities carry some level of risk and river rafting or river boat tours are no exception. BCROA member companies will ensure you are aware of the risks and make your rafting experience is as safe as possible.

Where to go rafting

Are you looking to find a rafting company in your area? Find and discover all you need to know about our members.

Keeping Rafting Safe

River travel in BC is often thought of as a high risk activity. BCROA companies ensure that all guides employed by them are trained and certified to BCROA standards to make your rafting experience safe and enjoyable.

Most outdoor adventure activities have some level of risk associated when participating in them. BCROA members will ensure you are made aware of these prior to your departure and provide basic orientation and training to make your rafting experience safe and enjoyable.

This way your experience is memorable and you’ll have peace of mind while out on the water. However, we understand that there are a few misconceptions about the activity.

Our Ethics

The BCROA recognizes that our members operate on unceded traditional Indigenous Territory. We thank the Indigenous Peoples of BC for the opportunity to explore and learn together on their territory. 

It’s important to us that travelers will be able to enjoy the wilderness, wildlife, archaeological and cultural resources of BC far into the future. We hope to achieve this by being mindful of our surroundings and minimizing our impact on the natural landscape.

COVID-19 Protocols

Read how the BCROA is doing to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to ensure all staff and clients remain safe during this time.

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