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Why become a member?

Being a part of the BCROA means access to the best river rafting training program in British Columbia developed  over the years by rafting professionals.

The BCROA training program provides for in house guide training and certification which reduces certification time and costs. This means your guides are on the water doing what they love sooner!  Certification upgrades are done in house following the established BCROA training processes.

Being a BCROA member means you have an organization in your corner when it comes to advocating for your business interests .

What benefits come with a membership?

Every membership comes with a number of awesome benefits including:

You’ll be able to look at training manuals, safety programs, media management assistance, B.C. river rafting and guiding provisions, and specialized policy development (eg. COVID-19 protocols, and worksafe practices, etc.)

The opportunity to have your company listed on the BCROA website. For a one-time fee of $150, we’ll showcase your company beyond a one-liner and a single image.

How much does it cost?

*GST excluded

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