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Whitewater Rafting Resort

Vancouver, Coast and Mountains

The REO Rafting Resort is one of the most picturesque and unique rafting resorts in the world. We offer whitewater rafting on the Nahatlatch River (Class 3-4), Stein (Class 5), Thompson (Class 3) and Fraser River (Class 1-2). Our beautiful resort on the jade-green Nahatlatch River is an awesome place to stay one or more nights before and after your rafting trip. Enjoy a peaceful stay right on the rivers edge!

REO Rafting Resort
Phone: 1-800-736-7238
Email: Click Here
Website: Click Here
RIVERS: Nahatlatch, Stein, Thompson, Fraser, Nicola, Coquihalla
LENGTHS: Full-Day, Multi-Day
SEASON: Spring, Summer, Fall
TRIP TYPES: Families, Adults
EXCITEMENT LEVEL: Low, Medium, High, Extreme