REO Rafting and Yoga Resort Impacted by Wild Fire

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce that REO Rafting & Yoga Resort was hit hard by the forest fire that’s currently taking over the Nahatlatch Valley. We’ve been a small family-owned and operated business for the last 40 years and have poured our hearts and souls into the Nahatlatch Valley. To say we are all heartbroken and devastated is an understatement.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business and the resort’s location, we’ve been unable to attain insurance for forest fires over the last several years. As a result, we’re looking for your caring support to help hopefully rebuild REO so we can continue to provide memorable experiences in the years to come.

If you would like to help the Fogelman’s, a gofundme page has been started to help with their efforts to save the resort, eventually clear the rubble and destruction, and hopefully start to rebuild their little oasis (link in bio). We would also love it if you could share this post.

By the time we realized the severity and the speed of the fire that was approaching, it was too late. Everyone at REO grabbed everything that they could and evacuated before the fire was at our doorstep.

REO was a labour of love that first started in 1983 when Bryan Fogelman had a few rafts and a passion to share the stunning Nahatlatch River. Since then, it slowly but surely grew and developed into the picturesque resort that it was.

The owners, Bryan and Karen, relied on REO for their entire livelihood and raised their three children while running this small business. Their daughter Sierra and son-in-law Matt also chose to make REO their full-time career with hopes to take over one day.

Bryan and a few other employees were able to briefly travel back to REO to fight the numerous fires that were smouldering around the property and collect any gear that wasn’t lost. Unfortunately, the fire is still burning the surrounding areas very close by, causing limited access to the resort. All we can do is watch the fire’s progression and hope that we can save what’s left.

We will keep you updated as we have more information.

If you want to contribute to REO’s rebuilding you can do so at   

– Bryan, Karen, & the REO Team


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