2024 Senior Raft Guide Employment Opportunity: Kumsheen Rafting Resort


Job Description

Kumsheen is looking for Senior Whitewater Raft Guides to join our team of energetic, adventurous, and friendly staff. This is a great opportunity to work & live in one of the most beautiful areas in BC, at an incredible family-run adventure resort.

About the position:
Full-time Raft Guides at Kumsheen work from April/May until September/October. Most days are spent on the Thompson River guiding full or half-day trips on oar rafts or motorized power rafts through the best large volume whitewater in BC. When not needed on the river, Kumsheen Guides’s work at the Resort doing a variety of maintenance jobs to ensure full-time hours.

In addition to guiding river trips, Kumsheen Senior Guides are also responsible for providing positive leadership for all guides and other Kumsheen staff. They contribute to maintaining Kumsheen as an industry leader through a high level of professionalism, innovation, and attention and care to guests, coworkers, and Kumsheen equipment.

The season for this position is from May 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024 with potential to extend at the start and/or end of the season.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

Key responsibilities include:

  • Training and providing demonstrations to guests for rafting techniques and safety protocols both on and off the river
  • Guide rafts of up to 20 guests on the Thompson, Fraser, and/or Nicola Rivers to Kumsheen standards
  • Provide an outstanding level of service to guests and coworkers on and off the river
  • Participate and contribute to daily meetings and post-trip debriefs
  • Prepare, clean, and maintain rafting equipment and guest gear before, during, and after rafting trips
  • Contribute to positive and supportive team environment
  • Rig and de-rig rafts in a safe and timely manner
  • Mentor less experienced guides both on and off river, as needed
  • Taking pride in a job well done, and proudly contributing to Kumsheen as an industry leader in rafting and resort operations
  • Raft Guides work under the direction of the River Operations Managers and the General Managers. Our staff return year after year because the lifestyle and culture here can’t be beat!

Successful applicants will possess the following::

  • 16-hr First Aid, CPR, and SRT certification required (we host these paid courses in June for our guides). OFA is an asset
  • BCROA (or equivalent) Oar Rafting Guide license required, with proof of previous commercial trips (logbook, for example)
  • 50+ commercial river guiding days required, large volume (class 3+) preferred
  • Desire and ability to do 2+ summer seasons with Kumsheen
  • Outstanding leadership experience and skills, including proven examples of working through difficult situations with ease and composure, both on and off river
  • Desire to develop leadership skills
  • Hardworking and professional demeanour, both on and off river
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Strong attention to detail as well understanding the importance of the bigger picture
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to take responsibility for the safety of the entire trip with great decision making skills

Our criteria for selecting guides are based as much on personality, amiability, and people skills as on whitewater skills and experience. We are always looking for honest, affable guides to work both full time and part time. We want the best.


Starting at $23/hr, plus great perks!

Other Perks/Benefits

Employment perks include:

    • Access to outdoor recreation in one of the most beautiful regions in BC (including some of the best whitewater in western Canada!)
    • Steady 5-day on/2-day off work schedule
    • Paid fam trips, motorized raft training, and overtime
    • Access to subsidized resort-based staff accommodation
    • Access to the Kumsheen Resort facilities (including pool and hot tub!)
    • Professional workplace and equipment
    • Opportunity to grow your career in the outdoor industry
    • Onsite Coffee Shop with discounted drinks for staff
    • Restaurant and retail discounts, family/friend rafting passes, family accommodation discounts, and more!


Job Application Process

We pride ourselves on our talented and enthusiastic team members. If you think you’d be a great addition to our team, we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please submit your resume to employment@kumsheen.com.

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