There’s A River Excursion Trip for Everyone

A river rafting experience in British Columbia can be an introductory paddle of a few hour, a one-day float down a gently moving river, or a multi-day whitewater wilderness kayak expedition into some of the most remote and beautiful settings in North America.

Day trips and multi-day rafting tours can be fun outdoor adventures for individuals, couples, families and organizations. Youth and corporate groups benefit from a memorable experience plus the excitement that whitewater provides. Team building and leadership through unique and innovative events engages groups with extreme fun.

There are rafting experiences for all abilities and ages, from 4 to 80. Nature loving families and those seeking a gentle rafting experience enjoy a scenic float with majestic views and wildlife on the diverse waterways. Options often include interpretive talks of the natural, cultural and historic aspects of the locale, a chance to hop in the water to float or swim along side the raft on a hot day, swimming, caving, cliff jumping, or kayaking. Other rafting tours focus on personal discovery while exploring pristine British Columbia rivers. Adrenaline junkies seeking big waves, long rapids and an exhilarating run will find miles of classed water with some large rapids rated at 4 and 5.

First-time rafters get extra time from fully qualified river rafting professionals who know the river well and love their jobs. They ensure new rafters are comfortable in the raft, learn the paddle strokes and commands without pressure.  Many guides are fluent in other languages or have translated handouts available.

Wildlife sightings are plentiful on river trips. Rivers often penetrate areas where it is impossible for humans to walk, and the river’s drone and draft disperses human sounds and smells, so the animals are often within easy sighting distance.

While equipment varies with the trip, all necessary gear, from head to toe, is supplied. A camera, smile and sunscreen are the only essentials not supplied. Watercrafts include large rubber rafts, kayaks, canoes, inflatable kayaks (aka DUCKIES) and large power rafts. Comfort and safety are always the prime concern of all BCROA member outfitters.

Often a buffet lunch is served on a secluded riverside beach, perfect for swimming, hiking or just relaxing in the sunshine. Multi-day trip guests find that everything, including the kitchen sink (and stove) has been brought. There are chairs, roomy tents and tons of fresh food and maybe a little wine for dinner.

Flexibility of scheduling allows groups to plan a trip that caters to exact needs. Visit for further details of river adventures.


Myth: Rafting is only for risk takers Busted: Everyone from little kids to 95 year olds, the meekest of men, and even people who are wheelchair bound have been on rafting trips in B.C. Most operators offer one or two float trips, which are little more than a drift with the current on a moving lake. All you need is an interest in nature and being outdoors. Call the company you plan to go with to find out what they recommend for a mellow option.

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