BC River Launch Week Is For Nature Lovers or Adrenalin Junkies

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

BC River Launch Week, from May 16 to 23, 2011 signals the start of river rafting season. There are trips for every type, close to major cities or on remote rivers throughout the province. There is an adventure for every taste, from peaceful family floats to river based nature tours or exhilarating white water rafting that gets the heart jumping.

British Columbia has more fresh water than most places on earth, and the local rivers are all in spectacular settings. The best views are from the water, surrounded by nature – so expect to see bears, eagles and other wildlife.

British Columbia is intersected by five mountain ranges, with rivers slicing through valleys and cascading down elevations.  These river valleys are migratory routes for wildlife, flight paths for birds, birthing grounds for salmon and the vital water source for vast forests, so every trip offers dramatic beauty as part of the backdrop.

Expect an unforgettable adventure, with opportunities to view wildlife such as eagles, grizzlies or salmon. Rafters can push to the limit or enjoy a peaceful time with family and friends followed by a leisurely picnic on the shore.  There are gourmet trips for foodies, a stargazer trip with an astronomer, others that feature snorkeling with the salmon, Spring trips with naturalists to study songbirds and Fall trips to study beavers or watch eagles. Guests need only decide which part of the province and what kind of adventure.

Planning river rafting trips anywhere in the province is easy and safe with BCROA members. Member companies have certified guides trained at the highest level in safety and river rescue. Prices range from under $100 per person for half day tours to $500 per day for luxury multi-day expeditions.  Rafting can be the centerpiece of a vacation or a quick side trip along the way to somewhere else. There are adventures suited to every budget and sensibility.

River rafting is a signature adventure in British Columbia that attracts guests worldwide. For more information, or to find a certified member company, go to http://www.bcroa.com/find-bc-river-rafting-tours.


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“I am a 53 year old bank manager, with two artificial hips, who had never been rafting before going out with Skeena Valley Expeditions. I quickly got over my apprehension because safety was obviously number one. I was so confident with the expertise of the guides that I even jumped into the river on purpose. The guides were hilarious. This trip and the subsequent one I took a few weeks later were the highlights of my summer.” - Rich Toomey

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